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Enviropeel was first conceived in the 1970s as a brilliant alternative to the failure of traditional coatings when confronted with complex steel structures in high-corrosion environments - particularly on existing substrates where corrosion was already present. Following 20 years of equipment and material development, Enviropeel was launched in the 1990s and has been successfully preserving the world’s infrastructure ever since.

Enviropeel‘s unique sprayable anti-corrosion system can be used in a wide range of problem areas: galvanic, pitting & crevice corrosion; bolt protection; conveyor bearing protection; water ingress on GIS systems and all forms of corrosion associated with wet, humid and salt-laden atmospheres.

The system uses a heating and pumping unit to melt and spray a high performance polymer which encapsulates the target substrate to provide a corrosion-inhibiting shield that guarantees an end to corrosion.

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Enviropeel USA is exclusively licensed to manufacture Enviropeel material and equipment for all the Americas - from Hudson Bay to Tierra del Fuego.

Together with our sister company, Alocit USA, we are dedicated to the provision of outstanding corrosion protection for the most demanding environments.

EUSA & AUSA are divisions of Precision Cams Inc., committed to excellence in engineering since 1922.