Enviropeel’s innovative approach allows active corrosion and ingress protection to be applied to objects of any shape or size wherever they may be found. Built-in corrosion-inhibitors, a tough, impermeable barrier coating and ease of application has introduced new possibilities for protection in many industries, especially where galvanic and crevice corrosion affect complex steel systems or where the ingress of external contaminants may lead to premature component failure.

Offshore, in Europe, the Americas and Asia, Enviropeel has proved its value against corrosion, protecting the integrity of new installations and extending the safe use of ageing infrastructure.

In Australia and the USA, Enviropeel applications have eliminated failure rates in stored assemblies and increased equipment lifetimes by 500% - preventing the ingress of dust, water and other contaminants into static and rotating systems such as bearings and preventing the deterioration of stored components and equipment.

Corrosion in stored equipment reduced from 45% to zero

Bearing replacement from only 9 months to over 4 years

500% increase in component lifetimes, greatly reduced maintenance costs and risk exposure

Dampier Salt in Port Hedland, Western Australia, shown above, was one of the companies that successfully pioneered the introduction of Enviropeel on its conveyor bearings. The bearing on the left is in very poor condition because of its exposure to salt water, the bearing on the right was exposed to the same conditions but was undamaged because of its Enviropeel protection.

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Across the UK, switchgear and other power supply infrastructure also benefit from Enviropeel’s ingress and corrosion protection.